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Jadon Jackman is a young, red-green colourblind Barbadian artist who specializes in hyperrealistic and abstract art using the mediums, ink, graphite and charcoal, . 


Born on May 1st, 2003, he was raised by his two parents and grandparents before later being joined by a younger brother. During his early years, Jadon would often partake in friendly drawing competitions between him, his father and younger brother where he admired how realistic his father's drawing appeared. Aspiring to attain the same level of skill, he and his brother would regularly search through animal books and attempt to draw them, never tracing as their father never did. This is what he believes was the spark that ignited his passion for art. 


Later during his secondary school years, Jadon accredits the push of his teachers for his progress. It was here that he felt challenged to become better. On several occasions he would be instructed to draw using only a pen, or told that he must draw in colour despite being colourblind. Over the 7 years, Jadon failed art several times, though to him and his teachers passing or failing wasn’t important. To Jadon, failing was exciting as it meant he could do better, and his teachers knew that. These were the challenges Jadon enjoyed, and they helped him to push himself continuously to see what levels of skill he could obtain.


To Jadon art is everything. Despite his colour blindness, he manages to achieve profound levels of detail in his work. Instead of a burden, he considers his eyes as a great gift that allows him to better work in monotone. Through his two primary expressions, hyperrealism and abstract art, Jadon likes to address social issues, depict a distinct subject against an empty white or black background, or blend 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional shapes and objects to form images that carry no meaning at all. His aim is for viewers to ponder his work and become awestruck by its complexity.


In 2019, Jadon participated in the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts where he received two golds, one silver and one bronze award as well as the Incentive Award for his portraits using his line art style, and since then has gone on to better his art. 

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2020 - Placed 1st - ICAB Anti-Corruption Day Competition

2019 - 3 Golds, 1 Silver, & The Incentive Award - NIFCA

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